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Takeaways from Google Expert Week in Seoul

June is a good month for learning (too hot outside anyways…), so dragged my tired overheated body to the well airconditioned premises of Google Campus Seoul as they’ve organized Global Experts Week and a few sessions seemed pretty interesting. Plus, they will be delivered in English – that good fluent comprehensible English. Not Konglish. No guesswork on messages. […]


STEP Journal for Android (early beta) | OCT 1

There’s a reason why for a while you haven’t seen us. We were super busy. This is the first in the series of announcements we have (patience, patience, please!) – STEP Journal’s early beta for Android is out and available for download here The following features are available in early beta Automatic import of – […]

For World Cup fans | JUNE 20

Noticing a spike in steps with keywords related to the #WorldCup we’ve realised we forgot to add a nice icon for it. Sorry, sorry, sorry! Now you can use this cutie to record all the matches you watch. Keep in mind that you can use hashtag #WorldCup in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare entries, and if you Connected those services […]


Value of Favorite places in STEP Journal | MAY 23

Keeping a journal of daily life is a tedious task. That’s not a secret. And no matter how STEP Journal would try to help with automatic journaling support, you still have to put in efforts to keep the Timeline meaningful and correct. However, there are shortcuts designed to help you with this task and one […]

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Extreme lifelogging – Tehching Hsieh’s every hour selfie during 365 days

There are so many positively crazy people in the world doing super interesting experiments which fall under the category of #lifelogging that we thought to start sharing those stories with you, guys. Of course, some of these experiments were never thought of as lifelogging or #QuantifiedSelf – they were made years ago when both terms were not […]