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Count those turkeys and Black Friday deals | NOV 27

What's so special about Thursday, November 28th of the year 2013? Right, it's Thanksgiving! Celebrated in the North American continent (and abroad) for almost 400 years the day (beyond literally Giving Thanks) is a day of.... ...and... ...…
New colour scheme for STEP Journal

RED MEANS GO... or... a new colour scheme of STEP Journal | NOV 26

Yes, we know that in many cultures red means stop. In those cases when we drive a car or want to cross a street. Yet when we look at the pictures of dishes, red means spicy (especially in Asia). Red also means joy, love, speed, Christmas, communism…

Why so serious? | NOV 19

Tracking and documenting own life somehow feels heavy and serious. Like a burden. STEP Journal team believes it should be easy and fun. Life's too hard in itself sometimes. Making it more beautiful and less heavy contributes to happiness. Thus…
STEP Journal

STEP Journal - among Top 5 apps in USA and Canada | NOV 15

Few days after a major update STEP Journal is being featured among the Best New Productivity apps in 16 app stores worldwide, including USA, Canadian, South Korean, Singaporean and other app stores. Furthermore, we among Top 5 apps in USA and…
visual guide on how to add a Step to STEP Journal

The first Step to STEP Journal is... adding a Step. In a smart way! | NOV 14

We've been asked why, if there are many paths to adding a Step, we suggest to start from adding the Place. Technically we've never said "you should start from adding a Place!", but people get the hint from the fact that Place is the first icon…