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Takeaways from Google Expert Week in Seoul

June is a good month for learning (too hot outside anyways...), so dragged my tired overheated body to the well airconditioned premises of Google Campus Seoul as they've organized Global Experts Week and a few sessions seemed pretty interesting.…

#2 중국을 간다면 이정도는 알고 가자.

‘돈없는’ 여행과 ‘돈있는’ 출장 사이에 ‘장기 출장’이라는 애매한 녀석이 있다. 장기 출장이라면 매번 택시를 타기에도, 호텔 세탁 서비스를 이용하기에도, 데이터 로밍을…
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#1 중국이라면, 심천(shenzhen)에 가봐야지.

작년 10월부터 지금까지 한 달에 한 번 정도는 중국에 간다. 초기 한 두달이 견학에 가까웠다면, 요즘은 볼 일이 있어 가는 정도의 차이는 있다. 그래서 초반에는 상해를 중심으로 심천도…
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Our Kawaii style promo video | MAR 19

We felt a need to create a short video explaining what STEP Journal does - collect all the tiny moments of one's life from various sources and save them into a private app diary. Cooperation with a creative director resulted in such a clip…
Tehching Hsieh with the Time Clock
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Extreme lifelogging - Tehching Hsieh's every hour selfie during 365 days

There are so many positively crazy people in the world doing super interesting experiments which fall under the category of #lifelogging that we thought to start sharing those stories with you, guys. Of course, some of these experiments were…
Age of Context visits STEP Journal
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'Age of Context' arrived to our office | APR 3

Very recently the insightful book “Age of Context” by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel was translated and published in Korea. If you haven't heard about this book, read the backgrounder here. One day JiHoon Park - translator of this book, avid…
STEP Journal for Google Glass
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STEP Journal for Google Glass v0.1 | MAR 25

At the end of February STEP Journal CEO and Co-founder Daniel was a keynote speaker at a Wearable Technology seminar held by the leading ICT company in Seoul, Korea. As STEP Journal team is investigating how other wearables can be combined…
Tiago Forte presenting at Silicon Valley Quantified Self meetup (November 2013)
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Tiago Forte: “In lifelogging you are the sample… and the population” | FEB 26

Not so long ago we’ve talked to Tiago Forte – San Francisco based workflow designer and productivity consultant, famous for an award-winning online course Getting Stuff Done on Skillshare and the insider of SF #QuantifiedSelf community. Feeling…
Lunar New Year Going Home
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Lunar new year - one huge family gathering | JAN 28

January 31, 2014 marks the official start of the 2014 - the Year of the Horse (wooden horse, to be precise). Don't expect to get answers to your emails from China, Korea or Japan this week as people are visiting their families and celebrating…
Connecting social services and devices to STEP Journal (screenshot from App Savant review)
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When everything else fails... try STEP Journal | JAN 14

Happy New Year, friends! One of the first things we've discovered in 2014 was... a review of STEP Journal by AppSavant. Now, don't take us wrong - we don't think blog is a place for extreme self-glorification and the only reason we speak of…
STEP Journal Christmas icon - Christmas tree

Merry Quantified Christmas, friends! | DEC 22

Getting ready for the Holiday Season we are wondering... How many Snowmen will you build? How many Santas will you spot in town? How many cool Gifts will you give and get your beloved ones? After which of consecutive track of Jingle Bells will…
STEP Journal - share Thanksgiving
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Count those turkeys and Black Friday deals | NOV 27

What's so special about Thursday, November 28th of the year 2013? Right, it's Thanksgiving! Celebrated in the North American continent (and abroad) for almost 400 years the day (beyond literally Giving Thanks) is a day of.... ...and... ...…