Few days after a major update STEP Journal is being featured among the Best New Productivity apps in 16 app stores worldwide, including USA, Canadian, South Korean, Singaporean and other app stores. Furthermore, we among Top 5 apps in USA and Canada.

STEP JournalThe new version of STEP Journal:

  • is visually beautiful, presents new UX/UI and is optimised for iOS7
  • allows to import statuses (activities, pictures, location, note, friends) from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram
  • features new color scheme for categories of activities
  • presents a customisable Dashboard (choose which activities you want to keep a track on)
  • allows for an easier Edit of saved entries
  • oh, yes, we’ve also fixed some bugs… but compared to all of the above, bugs are a minor thing

Tell us what can we do to make STEP Journal work better for you. Thanks!

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