What’s so special about Thursday, November 28th of the year 2013?

Thanksgiving in STEP Journal

Right, it’s Thanksgiving! Celebrated in the North American continent (and abroad) for almost 400 years the day (beyond literally Giving Thanks) is a day of….

Family Gathering in STEP Journal


Reunion in STEP Journal

… and what is Family Gathering or Reunion if not…

Love in STEP Journal

…love alone, however, is not sufficient (well, we are on the lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy), thus, there should also be a fat…

Roast Turkey in STEP Journal

Last year 46 million turkeys were eaten in USA, while Canadians purchased (and, presumably, ate) 3.1 million turkeys. That’s quite an amount, we think. And once all the physiological and love/belonging needs are satisfied, it’s time to burn those accrued calories on a wild wild wild…

Black Friday in STEP Journal

If all those great things in life happen to you at once, you can add them to STEP Journal and share with the world (on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare).

Have great Thanksgiving holidays, friends, while the rest of us outside of USA and Canada will only dream of turkeys, family gatherings and great sales deals!

STEP Journal - share Thanksgiving

STEP Journal – share Thanksgiving

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