The first week of December the team of STEP Journal was very busy participating in events – Dec 2 & 3 we’ve showcased at APPNATION conference held in Moscone West (San Francisco, CA) while on Dec 4 we’ve pitched to a panel of investors and general audience at Winter EXPO event held in Plug and Play Tech Center (Sunnyvale, CA).

Talking the whole day usually drains energy, yet we’ve been inspired finding out so many different ways how STEP Journal can help people. A novel writer discovered she can create keyword “500 words” and track if she achieves this goal every day in addition to a more general visual journalling of her days. A lady suffering from migraine was happy to see she can create keywords describing severity of headaches (light, medium, and strong) and track how her migraine is developing. A busy venture capitalist feeling he devotes too little time for his family created “Family hour” keyword and was curious to see how many days in a month he actually spends this amount of time with family.  Seems that opening the app for personalised keywords was the right choice we’ve made in developing STEP Journal.

Wishing the friends of STEP Journal and ourselves an awesome weekend, we are sharing some visual moments from this week.


STEP Journal at APPNATION – Lindt always helps

Moments of Winter EXPO and STEP Journal's co-founder Jay pitching

Moments of Winter EXPO and STEP Journal’s co-founder Jay pitching

Winter EXPO - Bitcoins, crowds, wine and beer

Winter EXPO – Bitcoins, crowds, wine and beer

Winter EXPO - hard work and party

Winter EXPO – hard work and party. For more pics, click here

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