This is an empty mug. Quite a lovely empty mug, don’t you think?

This can (and will be) yours, just share your experiences #UsingSTEPjournal with us

This mug can (and will be) yours, just share your experiences #UsingSTEPjournal with us

Why is it empty? Well… we hope to fill it with your stories and personal experiences using #STEPjournal and… then it will be up to you to fill it with a real drink as the cup might be eventually yours!  Yes, this is an official announcement with message “share your story(ies) of #UsingSTEPjournal, and enter the contest to win the STEP Journal mug and coaster”.

Not sure what to write? Well, recently we’ve received an email from Anthony, a Certified Fitness Trainer where he took time to share how STEP Journal fits into his life, what’s good about it and what can be improved. We found Anthony’s story to be very inspiring as we could have never guessed STEP Journal can be used this way. Here it is (we’ve got Anthony’s permission to share it with you):

“STEP Journal is becoming an active part of my daily life both personal and business wise. It is nice to be able to look back over my day or week to see what I have done (clients I have trained people I have met with ex…) I have it connected to Instagram, Facebook and Foursquare. I generally take pics of clients and put them on Instagram and check in on Foursquare if I’m training in the gym or at a park. It’s helping me to learn my patterns. I also love that there is a visual representation for almost any activity you want to enter and you can add pictures and location data is always tracked. It’s also nice to see how many times I have trained at the gym, park or a clients home. On a personal level I love just being able to track my days and look back over time to see what I have done, what friends i was with and events I have attended.

My biggest complaint would be that I use it on my iPad and I do not always have it with me. Since my son is off at school he has my iPhone and I am using a note 3.

I also love the update to sync with Fitbit and Jawbone witch are great devices I have used in the past. I am using Body Media right now and love their device also. I am looking forward to seeing what else you will be able to connect to. The ability to connect to more fitness/nutrition type app would be great and I know this type of integration takes time.


Ready to go, yet wondering how to reach us? 
– leave a reply to this post or
– share your story on our Facebook (comment on the relevant post) or
– tweet your (short) story.

Either way, please include #UsingSTEPjournal hashtag so that we can easier find your thoughts. Thanks!

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