Today we start a series of blog posts presenting the features of STEP Journal enabling effortless automatic journaling – pulling your life moments from various external sources like Calendar, social services, health / fitness tracking devices and apps, etc. We believe that aggregation of scattered life moments and building up on them (adding information, feelings, emotions) is the way to the future of journaling in the connected mobile ubiquitous world.

Now, some of you might have noticed that STEP Journal’s version 1.2.5 came with options to connect to Fitbit and Jawbone wearable devices and automatically import your data on sleep, exercise, mood, steps, distance, food, calories. Sounds good, no? For the sake of clarity – even though each of the Fitbit and Jawbone devices comes with a distinctive name (Jawbone UP, Jawbone 24, Fitbit Force, etc), here we will refer to all of them as Jawbone and Fitbit since STEP Journal allows to connect any of them.

Let’s say you are using Jawbone wrist band. One sunny morning you woke up, had coffee with milk and went for 1hr run. You’ve logged the coffee and run in Jawbone:

food and exercie log in Jawbone application

As your Jawbone is connected to STEP Journal, this is what you see on the timeline. Note the UP (Jawbone UP) icon indicating the source of this Step. The 8:00am entry (wake up) is also imported automatically once you sync your wrist band to Jawbone mobile application.

Jawbone data on STEP Journal's timeline

Let’s say you went for a run with your friend and saw a nice scenery while running. You took a pic of it. Later you can add all of that to the relevant Step (build up) and that’s how the timeline looks afterwards:

Building up on Jawbone entry in STEP journal

How about  the numbers you may ask. The activities from Jawbone and Fitbit that were imported to your Timeline (Exercise, Wake up, Coffee, Workout, etc) do contribute towards to total count on your Dashboard (ACTIVITY tab), while calories, steps, sleep hours and distances appear in the DEVICE tab:

STEP Journal Dashboard tabs

You might also wonder how activities imported from Fitbit are visualised:

STEP Journal timeline imported from Fitbit

Now the final question is how to set up the automatic import? It’s super easy 🙂 So easy we feel bit ashamed to explain, but… just in case: Tap on External Services in the Menu:

STEP Journal menu External Services

Tap on chosen wearable device in DEVICES:

STEP Journal menu External Services

Log in to your account and grant permission for STEP Journal to access your data. In case of Jawbone, the screen looks like this:

Authorise import from device to STEP Journal

And finally choose “Continuous Import” to ensure effortless aggregation of your life moments into STEP Journal. THE END!

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of STEP Journal we wish you a great weekend and equally great (or even greater) journaling! 🙂

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