Happy New Year, friends! One of the first things we’ve discovered in 2014 was… a review of STEP Journal by AppSavant. Now, don’t take us wrong – we don’t think blog is a place for extreme self-glorification and the only reason we speak of this review here is because we think the author touched upon few very important points which we might have forgotten to mention 🙂

Let’s start from the basic question – are you a journaling type? What animal is that? To keep it simple, it’s a person who writes journal / diary on a regular basis. Few times per day is more of a journaling time than daily, which is more than weekly which is more than biweekly. That’s a person who takes time to entrust paper or a digital tool with his/her thoughts, feelings, happenings, achievements, progress, ideas and aspirations, who puts efforts into adding pictures, videos, etc. Keeping a journal sounds truly sexy, doesn’t it? But how many times have you tried, kept filling it for a week or two and then… your life ran away leaving your diary on a shelf (file). As AppSavant puts it:

“Journaling is one of those activities that I have always wanted to do for a consistent amount of time, but could never get past a few days or a couple of weeks of doing it. I would have all of the right intentions to get started, but for whatever reasons, I was just not motivated. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have tried to start a journal. Well, hopefully that is about to change here. Ever since I got my iPhone, I have thought that it would be a perfect way to keep a journal for myself. I started off using Day One, and although I really like it, I fell into the same trap that I did with when I started to write in a journal. Then I started to realize, I am not necessarily the journaling type, but I still would like a way to see a record of the things I did, pictures I took, and other random things that happened in my life. That is where Step has come in and so far has given me the opportunity to journal, but in a whole different way than I have before.

One of the first things you will realize that makes Step different than other journaling apps is the fact that it asks you to connect to a variety of external services. You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, as well as your iPhone’s calendars. Also, if you have a Fitbit or a Jawbone, you can connect to those devices as well. The reason why you are given this option is because whatever services you decide to connect to, Step will import your statuses and pics from them for the last seven days. Once this is done, you can now let the app do its thing and download all your activity for the last week. The reason why this is so nice is because your journal is now being filled with memories that you have logged and shared.”

Exactly! You’ve already said something what is important for you. Why would you have to retype or search for it on socials, copy and paste to your journal? STEP Journal is an EFFORTLESS AUTOMATIC SMART tool helping you aggregate scattered life moments into one collection (almost haute couture!) and allowing you to build up on that (add places, notes, pictures, activities, and tag friends). Thanks, AppSavant, for emphasising that!

Connecting social services and devices to STEP Journal (screenshot from App Savant review)

Connecting social services and devices to STEP Journal (screenshot from App Savant review)

“…for those people like me, who have been wanting to keep a journal, but can’t seem to get past week one, this is a great way to start. I love that I can look back to last month and see all the places I visited or things that I did. Again, granted, you still have to put in the effort to document these things, but if you are already doing this in your social networks, it makes journaling a breeze. Go and check this app out as you begin 2014, and you too can start to keep a journal that you can look back on and be proud of”

Really, what keeps you from starting 2014 with STEP Journal? Give it a shot :))))
Or read the full review here. Happy New Year once again, folks!

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