January 31, 2014 marks the official start of the 2014 – the Year of the Horse (wooden horse, to be precise). Don’t expect to get answers to your emails from China, Korea or Japan this week as people are visiting their families and celebrating Lunar New Year 🙂

Movement is massive. Largest Chinese search engine Baidu created a heatmap being refreshed every few hours showing people movement within China. It’s impressive. See it yourself! According to Baidu 3.6 billion passenger trips will be made in China during the 40 days of Lunar New year (called Spring Festival in China).

For all of STEP Journal users travelling home and celebrating Lunar New Year in Asia we’ve created special icons. Aren’t they cute? Maybe we should have created “Stuck in traffic” icon too :)))

Lunar New Year Lunar New Year Going Home Lunar New Year Family Gathering
Lunar New Year Greetings Lunar New Year party Year of the Horse

Have fun, guys, enjoy family gatherings, eat well, rest well play hard and make a great start for the Horse year. Come back safe, too!

And… if for some reason you still call it Chinese New year, this is for you to read.

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