At the end of February STEP Journal CEO and Co-founder Daniel was a keynote speaker at a Wearable Technology seminar held by the leading ICT company in Seoul, Korea. As STEP Journal team is investigating how other wearables can be combined with STEP Journal (#JawboneUP and #Fitbit are already integrated to STEP Journal), we happen to have shiny white Google Glass. Thus, we’ve demo-ed an example which is best described in by reposting words of JT – WePlanet’s lead developer as he experimented with Google Glass and STEP Journal. Before we move ahead, here’s the collage of the Daniel speaking and guys getting ready for demo

STEP Journal at Wearable Tech seminar— below – JT’s blog repost —

1. Glassware suitable for Google Glass?

As we were invited to present at the seminar on wearable devices, I had a reason to spend my weekends developing STEP Journal for Google Glass. Even though it was just a try for the seminar, that doesn’t mean it can’t lead to something more substantial, thus I thought a lot about how Google came up with Glass and what kind of Glassware (applications for Glass) are they expecting. Developers are told:

Glass is fundamentally different than existing mobile platforms in both design and use.

Users typically have multiple devices that store and display information for specific time periods. Glass works best with information that is simple, relevant, and current.

Don’t try to replace a smartphone, tablet, or laptop by transferring features designed for these devices to Glass. Instead, focus on how Glass and your services complement each other, and deliver an experience that is unique.

Logically, Google Glass is not there to replace smartphones. Glass has the most potential as tool presenting information about the current situation / context in a simple form delivered in front of the very eyes of a user. This is a tremendously significant thing. So what kind of service fits this concept? Navigation or recipe browser sound to be good services for use via Google Glass. On the other hand, STEP Journal is a Journal service to record the current moment in a simple way, and that’s the sweet spot with Glass – approach to the contextual information.

2. MVP of STEP Journal for Glass

Google Glasses is a smart eyewear and STEP Journal is a smart journal. Keeping these two in mind, I have set the MVP (minimum viable product) of STEP Journal for Glass as “an easy journaling of things we see”. For example, a person can take a picture with Glass, send it to STEP Journal and get a step (entry) created enriched with contextual information on the point of presence.

3. First demo (@WePlanet’s office)

When wearing Google Glass, the image can be sent to STEP Journal if you say the following mantra: “OK, Glass”, “Take a picture”, “Share with STEP” ( Screenshots below are the captures of Glass touchscreen while it is controlled)

1) Take a photo using Google Glass

STEP Journal for Google Glass

2) Select ‘Share’

STEP Journal for Google Glass

3) Select STEP Journal as the target

STEP Journal for Google Glass

4) In about 20 secs, Google Glass received the card sent from STEP Journal server

STEP Journal for Google Glass

5) The red dotted frame shows STEP Journal entry created from Glass. Glass has only sent an image but as you see the Place information (WePlanet) and Activity (Developing) have been added. The place and the activity are suggested by ‘Servant Engine’ of STEP Journal based on the user’s lifestyle patterns. Certainly it’s not 100% accurate, yet the accuracy increases with the frequency of use.

STEP Journal for Google Glass

6) Details of the created step (entry) can be viewed in the in-depth screen of STEP Journal iOS app

STEP Journal for Google Glass

4. Second demo (Wearable Tech seminar room)

Likewise, after taking the picture through Glass, the photo is then sent to STEP Journal. The steps are same as I’ve explained in First demo.

STEP Journal for Google Glass

STEP Journal for Google Glass

STEP Journal for Google GlassSTEP Journal for Google GlassSTEP Journal for Google Glass

In the screenshot above you can also see how Google Glass entry “befriended” a hidden function of STEP Journal iOS – Related Photos section. Related Photos show images which have been taken using iPhone at roughly the same time with Glass generated entry. Isn’t that considerate? :)))

— end of JT’s post —

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