Keeping a journal of daily life is a tedious task. That’s not a secret. And no matter how STEP Journal would try to help with automatic journaling support, you still have to put in efforts to keep the Timeline meaningful and correct.

However, there are shortcuts designed to help you with this task and one of them is Favorites – at the moment applicable to the Places you visit. This post explains how to benefit from Favorites following the situations Carla experiences as she does lifelogging. Who’s Carla? You’ve already met her in our blog post about Automatic journaling (Internal services)

Yesterday Carla and her friends went on a bike trip to explore the North Californian wineries. They explored them so ‘diligently’ that at the end of the day could not ride bikes anymore… And, as if that’s not bad enough – her iPhone battery died on the half way. The next morning battling a headache she was trying to reconstruct and log yesterday’s route (as automatic journaling does not work on a dead phone…) and was quite confused about the wineries they’ve visited. There were many, you see. As if through a thick fog she remembered having visited ‘Alden-something’ winery, but search for this place did not produce any meaningful results in STEP Journal’s list of Places as the search is mainly carried around the current location. Current location of Carla was Archstone Sunnyvale apartments – miles away from the wineries.

As Carla frequently visits her friend who lives in Archstone, she has added this place to the list of Favorites in STEP Journal. Now, whenever she is around this area, Archstone Sunnyvale appears in the Favorites list. This is especially helpful as a “filter” if in certain area there are few frequently visited places.

Viewing Favorite places in STEP Journal

The easiest way to add a place to Favorites is to tap the star icon next to the place name in the in-depth Step (a side note – to remove from Favorites, tap the star once again).

Adding place to STEP Journal Favorites

Adding place to STEP Journal Favorites

So far, so simple (and good).

Oh yes, how about the winery? As the headache vanished Carla remembered she also visited this winery last year and, therefore, should find it among her STEP Journal entries. Thinking that she might go there again in few months, Carla is considering to add the winery to the Favorites.

To enter new Step Carla taps “blue +” icon on the Timeline, then Place icon and taps Bookmarks icon on the right side of the search input field.

STEP Journal Bookmarks access

Page showing lists of her Favorite places and Most Visited places appears. Carla taps + on the top right corner.

Adding place to Favorites in Bookmarks of STEP Journal

In the Alphabetical list of places Carla soon finds Alderbook winery, and adds it to Favorites by tapping it.

Adding place to Favorites in STEP Journal

Thus next time when Carla goes to the winery area, Alderbrook will be on the top of the Places list and if she wants to create a Step while being miles away, winery will be easily accessible among the Favorites in Bookmarks. If Carla decides to delete the winery from Favorites, she can either “unmark” the star in the respective Step in-depth page or swipe from Right to left in Bookmark list

Favorite place in STEP Journal

Removing from the list of Favorites in STEP Journal

Favorites are there to save you time in managing Steps. Have fun with lifelogging and our Carla will now go to take shower 🙂


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