STEP Journal blog is a playground for opinions on all things related to lifelogging, life tracking, quantified self and living a better life. It also serves as space for sharing tips with people using STEP Journal app.

Speaking of which… STEP Journal app, featured in few dozen App Stores worldwide, assists you in capturing and telling the amazing story of your life. Using iPhone sensors, apps and external sources such as social services & wearable devices, STEP Journal merges all of your scattered digital life footprints into one place, thus empowering reflection and management of life without much hassle. Contrary to text-input intensive journal / diary apps, STEP Journal is automatic, and integrates diverse types of records – notes, places, friends tagged, photos, calendar events, activity data, and so on – all visible in one timeline. STEP Journal helps you understand yourself better, while at the same time remaining completely private (no automatic sharing to social services).

  • STEP Journal creates journaling entries your behalf, based on and integrating data from internal & external sources.
  • STEP Journal presents intelligent keyword based icon interface – so you can easily add details to the entries.
  • STEP Journal is 100% private and personal. If you decide to share – fine, but by default you are the only one who sees your life.

Life poetry told by sensors – minimal efforts and 100% privacy. That’s the true power of Automated Journaling! Ah, why don’t you just download and try STEP Journal iOS app (Android early beta available, too) and see for yourself. If not now, then when? :)))

(end of bragging :))

PS. Sometimes we also play with Google Glass…
PPS. …and sometimes we end up being mentioned as a good example in the age of context
PPPS.  … and attend Quantified Self meetups and interview prominent lifeloggers

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