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Years together




It‘s dangerous to speak about the CEO publicly. So we’ll keep it short – we have the best CEO in town. Time to get jealous!


Engineer: iOS & Android / Skill stack: Objective-C, Swift

Joined WePlanet after graduating university, Jason is developing iOS applications. He is very ambitious to make good quality products.


Business: BARO operation

Joined WePlanet as an operator and business builder of BARO (second-hand mackbook market).

Modesta Naciute (모데스타)

Head of UX

The only Lithuanian in the team is driving us crazy with tasks on usability and UX improvements. We can rest a bit when she’s working on new concept development or telling jokes about her encounters with Korean culture


Lead Engineer: Backend & Mobile / Full stack

Marcus’ 24 hrs are divided into three sections: coding (by far the largest part), Crossfit (medium), and sleep (the smallest part)


Engineer: iOS & Android / Skill stack: Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Javascript

Joined WePlanet just after having graduated high school. Kirin’s hobby is collecting various smartphones


Designer : UI/UX / Skill stacking: sketch, adobeXD, framer

Interested in product & web design, Rua organizes product and solves problem for product as UI design. She goes well with her team members in Weplanet.


Engineer: Web Frontend / Skill stacking: react, javascript, html, CSS

Joined WePlanet after graduating university, Teemo is developing various project and togs himself up with REACT. He also goes well with his team members.


Engineer: Backend / Skill stacking: AWS, docker, node.js

Andrew is a very skillful back-end developer in WePlanet and proficient in NodeJS and many other technologies.


Business: Cross-border Commerce Manager

Joined WePlanet as an operator and business builder of BARO (second-hand OS device market), and based in commerce operation, Now David is moving new business era, cross-border commerce. He deals with making issues sensibly clear at all.


Engineer: Web Frontend / Skill stacking: react, javascript, html, CSS

Joined WePlanet as an frontend developer, Taylor is developing and wants to learn back-end. he also, programs publishing code for front-end at all.


Engineer: Web Frontend / Skill stacking: react, express, javascript, html, CSS

Encouraged as a hard worker in Weplanet, James is so young-eyed in developing on Web. He is also happily smiler to anyone in Weplanet.


Engineer: Backend / Skill stacking: AWS, docker, node.js

Ryan is starting his professional career at WePlanet. In addition to working on Web fully, he is an excellent member and reliable developer in Weplanet.


Engineer: Android / Skill stacking: Java, Kolitin

Our skilled Android developer is from Uzbekistan. Now Max is developing mobile apps, especially Android apps.


Engineer: iOS

Joined WePlanet just after having graduated high school. Winnis is developing mobile apps, especially iOS apps.





His Starbucks membership card says “Head of Development” and the implications are overwhelming – one day he might be building a new partition, changing floor cover in the office or running around with accelerometer. JT was around since… forever (and until 2016), and left us to have more free time for spending with his new beautiful wife (and develop a few fintech apps on the way).

Justin Kim (김한빈)

Engineer: iOS

Justin was significant in developing iOS apps at WePlanet for a few years. It was amazing to see him grow every day and so we wish him all the best in tackling new challenges!


Engineer: Backend

Our talented developer can shuffle dev stacks like card decks for every project. Proficient in Java, PHP, and NodeJS Steven is a valuable addition to WePlanet’s team.


Lead Engineer – Android

Sean’s love for all things Android is widely known and “OK, Google” is by far the most frequent phrase we overhear him whispering. Also famous for shipping code with minimum bugs. Sean was at WePlanet during tumultous period of 2014 ~ 2015


Engineer: Android & Backend

Reliable, hardworking and most of the time very silent – Tim was a very nice colleague to have. It was great working with him. Good luck, Tim!



Interested in brand and app design, Zoi is also a good communicator (especially with developers!). She hopes to learn a lot during her time at WePlanet.


Lead Engineer – Backend & Web

When Chris is not seen by his laptop coding (he is super fast and reliable!), he is for sure hacking environment for exercise – be it a tree in the park, random chair or water bottles. No surprise his email was a 6pack@


Engineer: Backend

After a year at WePlanet Bernie decided to pursue other challenging backends 🙂


Engineer: Backend

Our skilled Android developer is from Uzbekistan. To WePlanet he brings two major skills – Android development, and … forcing the team members to communicate in English (as his Korean is still weak) ^_^ Him joinining us means a lot because we are getting better both in development and in globalization!


Business Developer

Scott is a developer for both business and wordpress. He was working to create opportunities and expand businesses, until he ended up with his own. Good luck!


Engineer: Backend

This free spirit codes and rarely speaks. He speaks through code. We also know (and have witnessed) that Choyeah speaks well through music – a famous Bboy in the past, he’s a very very mysterious human ^^


Engineer: Web Publisher

… got into web design / publishing when she was at the high-school, and these days is entrusted to crack challenged of web developement. In the picture Emma is on the right 🙂