Sending ThanQ to mobile number - which COUNTRIES are supported?

In Beta release you can send ThanQ cards to mobile phone numbers in:

Americas -> USA, Canada
Europe -> UK, Lithuania
Asia -> South Korea and Indonesia.

If the country of your recipient is not on this list, send him/her ThanQ via email AND let us know what are the missing countries by filling in this form ( Thanks!

What happens if I send ThanQ to mobile number, but it’s not a smartphone?

Unfortunately the receiver might not see the whole beauty of the ThanQ card… Sending to mobile number works the best if that’s a smartphone.

How do I know my friend’s USERNAME?

Ask him/her 🙂 ID’s are not searchable on ThanQ, thus it’s better if you know.
When you’re sending to username, please start with @

How much does it COST ME to send ThanQ to MOBILE number?

At the moment it’s free for you, we’re covering the costs. How should it work?

How can I send my FEEDBACK?

Email us at

How do you make MONEY?

At the moment we don’t. We’ve just made an experiment app, all curious to see if you like it.

I’d like to create ThanQ cards for the app...

Awesome. Shoot us email to telling a bit about yourself, add at least one sketch for ThanQ, and we’ll get back to you.

Is ThanQ app available for Android / Windows / Blackberry?

Not yet. If you receive a card, you can view it on browser, yet as there’s no supporting app, keeping the card is not possible at the moment. Want us to develop ThanQ for your smartphone? Shoot us email at