ADIDAS Training Squad offline events (Web), 2017


ADIDAS Korea and Coinside (Marketing & event agency) entrusted WePlanet to create website for Trainingsquad – one of the major offline events by ADIDAS Korea. We’ve started small (landing page video and an intro site), and based on feedback from ADIDAS and their customers, developed a full scope site enabling exercise lovers choose from over 50 advanced classes. During the two months we’ve been continuously introducing new features and updating site every few days.


Social Points

Koreans are uber-social, thus we used Instagram API to gather member’s photos & hashtags for rewards. So, if member uploads the photo with event hashtags, we collect it and grant them points automatically which they can redeem for the classes.

QR Check-In

Every member gets a personal QR code and when they attend classes manager can scan that code with any QR reader. So no need for special app or devices for checking attendance, and trainers can focus on what they do the best – TRAIN!


We’ve designed the base site for scalability and flexibility, thus could fully accommodate changes on the client’s side and develop based on almost daily feedback.