ThyssenKrupp Korea – smart app for a smart factory (Android, iOS), 2016 ~ present


2016 marked the start of our long-term cooperation with thyssenkrupp. Thyssenkrupp is a multinational conglomerate with extensive operations in Korea – for now we’re working on building a mobile system for support the ‘Smart Factory’ environment. The first trial applications enable the company employeees servicing sites to report needed repairs, find if the proper items are available, and collaborate with partner manufacturers in reporting diagnostic data of quality control.  As in every project, we’ve started with meetings to help client define the business needs and refine requirements for development based on policies and capabilities. The we’ve build mobile services compatible with the company’s ERP system.

Due to the sensitive nature of the project we are unable to share more details about the challenges and wins, neither to showcase screenshots of the solutions.



Mobile reporting tool used by on-site employees for parts to be fixed or repaired


Mobile data handbook to support AS employees working on-site


Collaboration tool for reporting quality control diagnostics data